MEET: Matt Rule of King Street Crawl 

Matt Rule, King Street Crawl 2015. Photo by Colin Lucas Photography. 

Matt and his brother Dan Rule are the Music and Booze Company. Before they were the Music and Booze Co. they were the Annandale Hotel. For over a decade they fought tooth and nail to keep the ‘Dale alive with the sound of music. As is becoming a well-worn Sydney tale, they lost in the end and handed the keys to the pub over to the bank (not before a final knees-up, but more on that later). These days through the MBC they work with a bunch of different venues (including our pals at The Botany View and the recently re-invigorated Lansdowne) on their music program, along with festivals such as Fairgrounds and of course King Street Crawl. Which just happens to take place this Sunday 10th September!

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COMP: Design the t-shirt for Newtown Locals 2017

It’s that time of year again. The time when we band together with our motley crew of our fellow hospo legends, Newtown Locals in the lead-up to Newtown Festival. The class of 2017 includes: Rising Sun Workshop; Young Henrys; Mary's; Queen Chow; Black Star Pastry; Stinking Bishops; Continental; Bloodwood; Fleetwood Macchiato; 212 Blu; Black Market Roasters; Osteria di Russo & Russo; Salmon & Bear and Hartsyard.

Last year the Newtown Locals raised $10, 901 for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre’s First Response Program, aimed at helping the homeless on the path back to getting a roof over their heads. This year Newtown Locals are setting their fundraising goal of $20,000. But HOW, you ask (incredulously)? With our sales of our menu collaboration for Newtown Festival (always delicious) and sales of the winning t-shirt. Which is where YOU come in. Entries are now open for the t-shirt design competition

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TASTE: The Stinking Bishops explain what the hell is Raclette?

Sweet dreams are indeed made of cheese. And as of Friday 15th September our good pals at The Stinking Bishops will be making those sweet dreams come true every Friday, when they bring a big ol’ wheel of Raclette cheese to the brewery and heat things up a bit. Think of it like the thinking (wo)man’s fondue party. They’ll also be doing a couple of their delicious toasties. But first, what the hell is Raclette? Garth from TSB explains...


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LISTEN: Jay 'Gum' Watson from POND


“If Gina Rinehart gets you down”. That’s Pond, on album The Weather, simultaneously wearing their West-Australian heart on their sleeve, and the weight of the world on their shoulders. The band that have always danced in the shadows of Tame Impala, that other Perth band (with whom it shares members and crew). But now all of a sudden they’ve wedged seven LPs under their belt, in almost as many years. And despite the weightier content, their psych pop's ever buoyant. At the edge of the world, not drowning but waving. Just decompressing after back-to-back US & Euro tour stints, they’re about to head out on their Oz leg. But first we chatted with Jay ‘Gum’ Watson.

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TASTE: Superior Burger at the brewery

Jovan Curic Superior Burger

For the best part of a decade Jovan Curic has been kicking around the traps of Sydney perfecting his burger. Before everything was a pop-up, his Pub Life Kitchen concept would pop up in different inner-city pubs. Before the obsession with OTT burgers he was a Dr Frankenstein creating monster burgs which he would unleash on the PLK punters. Then, last year he went against the tide and set up shop way out west in Wakeley. 

Superior Burger is the suburban takeaway joint of your dreams. A humble mixed business shopfront reveals a moodier interior refitted with hanging fernery and on the wall ‘Best in the West’, a promise in neon. And, as of a couple of months ago, Superior Burger is taking it to the streets. The Superior Express is a slick, fully-customised 1950s Austin Bus (read more about it’s impressive transformation below). We’re thrilled that they’re hauling up and hitting the brakes at the brewery for the weekend of September 2-3 aka Father’s Day weekend (yep it’s a whole weekend). We caught up with Jovan for a chat about the bus and the burgers and - as this is his first father’s day as a new dad - we also ordered a little “off-menu item” called some ol' fashioned fatherly advice. Cheers Jovi.

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MEET: Zo Damage

"My dream is to take a photo that when someone looks at it they hear a note, loud and clear, " says photographer Zo Gay, better known as Zo Damage.

If you’ve been kicking around the Melbourne live music circuit at all in the past few years, you’ve probably crossed paths with Zo inching, shot-by-shot, closer to that goal. The woman is a veteran of the scene. On 25 February 2016 she set herself the challenge of photographing a band (or more) every day for a full year. Turns out it was a leap year, so the 365 Day Project actually took 366 days to complete. The project is now being released as a book, The Damage Report, with launches and exhibitions to take place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We chatted to Zo about life on the far side of the lens.

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MEET: Pete Cullen

Pete Cullen

Pete Cullen is driving up the coast. He should be listening to the mixes the sound engineer has sent him of his new albums but he left the cord for the car stereo at home. Instead he’s listening to the insistent high-pitched whistling of his roof rack. And, let me assure you, the output of Pete Cullen’s whistling roof rack is prolific.

Pete Cullen’s own output is about to be fairly enthusiastic as well. He’s simultaneously set to release a new record under his own name, “an alt-country, southern rock kind of album” and the other for his old time rock n' roll/rockabilly side project, P.C. and the Biffs. His mates at Lefty’s (where he plays on the regular) describe, “He's like a piece of old furniture around here at Lefty's Old Time Music Hall, like a mouldy old chair that you can't bring yourself to throw out, but damn Pete Cullen has got some tunes.” Damn, if we don’t agree!

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TASTE: Chrissy's Beer Mustard

Chrissy Flanagan at The Sausage Factory

If you’ve been hanging around Sydney's Inner West you may have heard of the Sausage Queen. That’s Chrissy Flanagan, a full-blown sausage obsessive. She's the type of lady who should be the lead in a foodie foreign film called 'Like Water for Sausages' or perhaps simply 'Femme de Saucisse'. 

A former vegetarian, she's now on a one woman mission to change the stigma around snags as a ‘guilty pleasure’ by making them out of proper meat and quality ingredients. She’s now set up shop in Dulwich Hill, unveiling her ’Sausage Factory’ to the hungry hordes. Her dedication even extends to hand-knitting smallgoods to adorn her shop window. 

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MEET: Pat Davern from Grinspoon

Pat Davern is knee-deep in rehearsals with Grinspoon when we speak to him. He and his fellow Grinners are about to embark on a 27 date national tour to mark the 20th anniversary of Guide to Better Living. But that's not all he's got on his plate.

Since 2009 Pat’s been a resident of the north coast of New South Wales again, now with his young family and a local store called The Finders Club. In 2015 he wrote a children’s book and album, which has been optioned for a television series. Which means a script-writing workshop ahead of writing the pilot. Then there's also the recording studio in Byron.

Patrick Davern, your modern day renaissance man, a real Swiss army knife of a guy.

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DIARY: On the Road with The Shitbox Rally

Meet Amelia and Sam. They’ve been best friends since the age of 12 and have lived together in the inner-west of Sydney for the past three years. Perfect training to spend 50+ hours driving a rust bucket over some of Australia’s roughest roads, all in the name of raising money to help beat cancer.

“There's no point going into the doom and gloom of why this rally means so much to [us] and what it means to have helped to raise over 1.6 million for the Cancer Council for this rally alone - because let's face it - we ALL have a cancer story and that's what makes events like this and the work the Cancer Council does so profound,” Sam tells us.  

The Shitbox Rally is an annual fundraising drive started by James Freeman in 2011 after losing both his parents to cancer. (Hear more about James's story and the rally here). To compete in the rally you need a minimum of $4000 to even get to the start line. Sam and Amelia held garage sales and bake sales and even threw a house party and charged entry but were still falling short of their goal so hit up Young Henrys to come on board as a sponsor, which we happily did to see these legends get on the road. 

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