MEET: Pat Davern from Grinspoon

Pat Davern is knee-deep in rehearsals with Grinspoon when we speak to him. He and his fellow Grinners are about to embark on a 27 date national tour to mark the 20th anniversary of Guide to Better Living. But that's not all he's got on his plate.

Since 2009 Pat’s been a resident of the north coast of New South Wales again, now with his young family and a local store called The Finders Club. In 2015 he wrote a children’s book and album, which has been optioned for a television series. Which means a script-writing workshop ahead of writing the pilot. Then there's also the recording studio in Byron.

Patrick Davern, your modern day renaissance man, a real Swiss army knife of a guy.

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DIARY: On the Road with The Shitbox Rally

Meet Amelia and Sam. They’ve been best friends since the age of 12 and have lived together in the inner-west of Sydney for the past three years. Perfect training to spend 50+ hours driving a rust bucket over some of Australia’s roughest roads, all in the name of raising money to help beat cancer.

“There's no point going into the doom and gloom of why this rally means so much to [us] and what it means to have helped to raise over 1.6 million for the Cancer Council for this rally alone - because let's face it - we ALL have a cancer story and that's what makes events like this and the work the Cancer Council does so profound,” Sam tells us.  

The Shitbox Rally is an annual fundraising drive started by James Freeman in 2011 after losing both his parents to cancer. (Hear more about James's story and the rally here). To compete in the rally you need a minimum of $4000 to even get to the start line. Sam and Amelia held garage sales and bake sales and even threw a house party and charged entry but were still falling short of their goal so hit up Young Henrys to come on board as a sponsor, which we happily did to see these legends get on the road. 

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MEET: Shane Ironside from The Bowlo Bangalow

The great Australian bowling club. We all love ‘em, but so many have been languishing dangerously close to financial strife. Thankfully, new life is being breathed into a bunch - with good food, better beer and a renewed focus on live music and community.

We visited Shane Ironside at The Bowlo in Bangalow to see how they're paving the way. Literally. When we visited Shane was actually paving the outside area, you can see the paving dust on his t-shirt. You can't stop progress!

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MEET: Gillian Letham from The Mill on Constance

Gillian Letham The Mill

Some tourists come to Australia and pick up a couple of souvenirs - maybe a cuddly toy koala or a hat with corks on it, or a coat hanger in the shape of the Harbour Bridge. Scottish lass Gillian Letham arrived down under in 2003 and ended up picking up a couple of bars in Brissie, and just never left. We chat to her about The Mill on Constance and the Oxford Taphouse and how having a foreign accent makes you 25% more interesting…

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VIEW: Kentaro Yoshida

Artist Kentaro Yoshida

Meet Kentaro Yoshida. He hails from a fishing village in Toyama, Japan and moved to Sydney when he was 18. These days he lives in Manly where he surfs, makes art, drinks beer, and sometimes combines the latter and drinks art. No wait, sorry, he draws beer sometimes. Kentaro’s been working on our latest homage to the froth in t-shirt form (watch this space). In the meantime, you can check out his work at his upcoming exhibition, RUMBLE, with Ben Brown at Goodspace on 31st May.

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MEET: Ollie Margan from Maybe Mae

Ollie Margan

Ollie Margan is the young gun who runs and co-owns Maybe Mae and Bread & Bone; the moody cocktail den and its big brother grill restaurant in Adelaide’s Peel Street. “I guess I was somewhat pre-programmed to end up doing what I do now,” Ollie tells us. Originally from the Hunter Valley, Ollie grew up in a restaurateur/winemaking family. Really, it’s a wonder he’s not permanently over the limit, with booze like that in his blood. We had a quick yarn to find out how things are ticking along down south…

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GOOD BEER WEEK Survival Guide

Hold on to your hats, Melbourne GOOD BEER WEEK is almost upon us. Luckily, we’ve been training for this since last year. That’s right, ’training’. Strengthening our drinking arm. Repetitively. Every day. Circuit training between event locations. Working on our Personal Bests. And most importantly working with our man on the ground, Ryan Kemp, to compile this itinerary for GBW with built in pitstops to ensure your stomach is lined, your caffeine levels topped up and your sanity maintained. This is not a drill.

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TASTE: Bloodwood's Pine Mushroom & Walnut Tart

Pine mushroom tart

Back before the streets of Newtown were paved with burgers and fancy gelato, there was Bloodwood. Eight years ago, they were the first swell of what would be a wave of exciting new places to eat and drink in the area. As chef and co-owner Claire van Vuuren describes, “The area has changed from a place where a great community of people lived but often went elsewhere to eat and drink and party…Now diners from all over Sydney come here and we a have thriving community of locals who live, work and eat (and drink!) here. We all support one another and places like bloodwood have grown as part of and with the other venues in the area.”

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MEET: James Young from Cherry Bar

James Young Cherry Bar

Man comes into some money, buys his favourite bar in the world. It’s the sort of thing dreams are made of, or if not a dream, maybe a feel-good comedy script from the ‘80s starring Ted Danson. But it is the true story of James Young and how, after a rich and varied career, he came to take over Cherry Bar 12 years ago. As Young explains, “I’ve been a lawyer, I’ve done breakfast radio, I managed RRR radio station, I ran an advertising agency, I’ve had music labels, I’ve managed bands, but I’ve always just been very, very passionate about live music. About 12 years ago when I sold my advertising agency, for the first time in my life I came into a bit of money and decided to buy my favourite venue in the whole entire world - Cherry Bar - just to make sure I could always get in.”

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LISTEN: Sacred Blue Records launch

International trade negotiations between Indonesia and Australia are looking pretty freaking sweet right now, at least in the music department, thanks to Sacred Blue Records. The new label is the brainchild of Melbourne’s Tom Hulse and Rektivianto Yoewono, lead singer of Indonesian rock band The Sigit. Together they’re bridging the gap in underground Indonesian rock n’ roll and kicking things off with a knees-up at Baha in Rye Victoria, hosting a bill of Indo and local acts. We encourage all within a 1000k radius to get there. In the meantime we tugged on the collar of Tom Hulse to get the inside word…

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