MEET: Ally Gavin from Rackett

MEET: Ally Gavin from Rackett

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Rackett. The punk-pop four-piece opened our Rock & Roll Circus with one of their trademark electric live shows, setting the bar high for the night. They’ve been touring and recording and still have a couple of shows to bust out before the end of the year, and 2018 brings no signs of slowing down. We chatted to bass player Ally Gavin about the band, the epic outfits and shit that happens on tour (and doesn't stay on tour)...

Hey Ally, what are you up to today?
Cleaning the house and getting ready for our gig at Moonshine tonight! 

`What does Rackett sound like?
Spice Girls meets Black Sabbath. 

You guys have had a pretty hectic time this year. What’s the wildest/funniest/best story from touring?
There's so many stories that I love from touring from dancing on broken glass to costumes falling off our bodies but this has to be by far the weirdest one to date. 

We've been needing a suitcase recently for all our gear for touring so Bec found one on the side of the road and decided to use that. She cleared out all the junk that was in it and packed it full of our gear. We took it on tour for a couple of shows. One of the band members brought it home after touring, won't reveal which one, and it sat in her room for a good couple of days. She kept smelling these funky smells in her room and realised it was coming from the bag. She opened it up and had a look through the front pocket. She pulled out a plastic bag and there was a human shit in the bag. For the past week we had been carrying this around to shows and on planes. I'm surprised it got through airport security! 

I heard the rest of the band had a little on-stage surprise from (lead singer) Bec when she shaved her head live on stage a little while back. Any more surprises coming up?
Well you can never tell with Bec, she's constantly surprising us. Maybe I'll shave my legs next on stage. 

How are you spending the holidays?
Well I will be locked in a dark room with sunglasses on because I hate the sun and the girls will be crazy at work. On top of that we will be working on our next EP that Kat and Astrid recorded at their studio Forces and Fury and also try to fit in a new video clip! 

I don’t want to be all Academy Awards red carpet “Who are you wearing?” but you guys have a pretty  strong  look. Who’s the eye behind the band’s aesthetic?We do all the outfits ourselves! We all love fashion and have strong visions on what we want to look like so we decided, who better to do it than us! Sometimes we do decide to collaborate though. One of the more recent looks - the green strip outfits - was done by our good friend at Racy and Lucky. Such a killer babe! We've also styled something new that we will release next year with our new EP. 

What’s up for Rackett in 2018?
World domination, and maybe some new music. We have been working on a little single that we will release at the beginning of next year. It's recorded and produced by RACKETT, which is a first for us! We will also be doing a big tour from Feb - March which is exciting, so keep a look out for a show near you! We will announce the dates really soon! 

See Rackett live:

Fri 15 Dec with Hoon at Hideaway Bar Newtown
Tue 26 Dec for Boxing Day party at The Cambridge Hotel