MEET: Imogen from Franks Wild Years

MEET: Imogen from Franks Wild Years

Saturday April 21st is Record Store Day. Which is hopefully just one of the many, many days of the year you support your local record store, right?? There's a bunch of killer events going on in every neck of every wood in the country. Check 'em all out online and plan your day. 

If you happen to be in the Illawarra, you should probably plan your day around the cutest damn record store to ever be named after a Tom Waits album. Meet Franks Wild Years! 

For Record Store Day this year they've pulled together a sweet in-store gig featuring The Jim Mitchells, Spike Vincent, Stefan Blair (Good Morning), Tropical Strength and Luke Spook. Plus records, of course. 

Imogen Ramsay is the gal behind said record store. She matched our Qs with some As. Thanks Imogen!

What are you up to today?
Gonna pop down to Coledale pool for a dip before work, sort through some new stock to put out for RSD, check out a collection to buy from a DJ in Austi, get ready for the gig tonight - I've got a couple of guys playing from Melbourne at the store, that's about it really - not much. 

Tells us about how Frank’s first came about
I was looking into get rich quick schemes - opening a record store in 2015 seemed an obvious choice. 

And you have a shop dog right?? Please introduce!
Dude is really getting a name for himself! He's a sometimes shop dog - he belongs to my boyfriend. He's on the clock when he is here - front of house and security. 

What’s the best thing about living in Thirroul right now?
The beach, the bush and a good crew with a surprising amount of interesting things to do for a small town/suburb of Wollongong. 

Any crate digging tips for Record Store Day?
Just go check out your local record store - whether they have live music, RSD limited releases or just some new stock - there will be good vibes wherever you go. 

What was the first gig you went to?
Without my parents? Jamiroquai at the Entertainment Centre with Lisa Pudsey. 

And the last?
Apart from gigs at the store - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Enmore. 

Franks Wild Years, 3/2A Raymond Road, Thirroul. 
Record Store Day takes place Saturday 21st April, open from 10am & bands from 2pm. 

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