MEET: Newtown Locals t-shirt comp winner Tim Travers 

MEET: Newtown Locals t-shirt comp winner Tim Travers 

On Thursday 5th October we helped launch Newtown Festival 2017 and announced the winner of the Newtown Locals t-shirt design competition. This year, entries were themed around “The Great Australian Dream” of owning your own home and housing affordability. A talented fellow by the name of Tim Travers was behind the winning design, which you can now snap up for $40 online or at Newtown Festival (on Sunday 12th November), with proceeds going to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre to support those at risk of homelessness. We had a quick catch-up with the man holding the novelty cheque, Tim Travers, about his winning design.

Hey Tim, congratulations on winning the Newtown Locals t-shirt comp! It’s always a tough brief to take a serious issue and make it wearable. What was the thought process behind your idea?
Always having in the back of my mind, would I wear this on a tee? The concept came from that people can’t afford a teeny tiny little house. Then shifted to a Cockatoo having to move out from his birdhouse becoming homeless as not being able to afford it.

What do you do when you’re not winning the Newtown Locals t-shirt comp?
Graphic designer for Seagrass Boutique hospitality group. Pretty much stare at burgers all day, it’s great. Free time working on selected freelance work or on fun personal projects.

Do you have a favourite medium to work in?
Photo manipulation in Photoshop or a Sharpie and paper then bringing everything together in Photoshop/Illustrator.

What do you listen to while you work?
Punk rock. Pretty sure I had the new Bronx album on spin the weekend designing this. 

Are you a Newtown local? What’s your hot tip for a perfect Newtown day?
Not a Newtown local, quite far away living at Long Jetty, Central Coast. Always around Newtown for beers with mates after work, working close to the city.

And now, what’s up next for you?
Getting ready for dad life with a first born on the way and expected to come any day now 

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