MEET: Ollie Margan from Maybe Mae

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MEET: Ollie Margan from Maybe Mae

Ollie Margan is the young gun who runs and co-owns Maybe Mae and Bread & Bone; the moody cocktail den and its big brother grill restaurant in Adelaide’s Peel Street. “I guess I was somewhat pre-programmed to end up doing what I do now,” Ollie tells us. Originally from the Hunter Valley, Ollie grew up in a restaurateur/winemaking family. Really, it’s a wonder he’s not permanently over the limit, with booze like that in his blood. We had a quick yarn to find out how things are ticking along down south…    

Tell us a bit about your background…
I am 24 and have been living in Adelaide for five years now. Grew up in the Hunter Valley in a restauranteur/winemaking family so I guess I was somewhat pre-programmed to end up doing what I do now. Moved to Adelaide to study winemaking at Uni (still ticking through it…) and got all muddled up in the booze scene. Started working at Press food and wine, then onto Proof - now I run (and part own) Maybe Mae and Bread & Bone. We have also just opened up a new Japanese focused restaurant around the corner called Shōbōsho.

Bread & Bone has its dedicated burger project. What do you think’s key to a good burger? 
There are a few factors that make up a good burger, certainly mince quality is a big one - getting that fat content right is key. The key to our burgers though, would be the wood grill. Cooking our patties over flaming red gum gives that smoky edge that sets our burgers apart.

Maybe Mae has a bit of an old Hollywood throwback vibe, with its hat tip to Mae West. What bar out of pop culture would you love to drink at? 
The Korova Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange. I am a big Stanley Kubrick fan, and that place just looks so weird, such a wonderful conception.

What’s your go-to album or track to kick things off for the night?
Generally something bluesy - Muddy Waters, BB King, Keb Mo etc.

And is there an album or track that’s the go-to for closing up shop at the end of the night?
We have 3 closing tracks that get a fair bit of a work out and are very dependant on how much we have enjoyed the shift/customers:

1. Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
2. Free Bird - Lynard Skynard
3. Ignition (Remix) - R Kelly

What’s your perfect way to spend a day in Radelaide? 
I love the Adelaide Hills, so going for lunch and a cruise up there is always nice. Otherwise, a round of golf down by the beach works well (rarely have time for this one…)

On a scale of one to Crazy Frog, how irritating is it when people from other states say ‘Radelaide’? :)
Doesn’t bother me too much, any positive stigma attached to Adelaide as a place suits me, even if it is lame af

What’s the first gig you ever went to?
Triple J Digs Rock (now One Night Stand) - Magic Dirt, Jet, Powderfinger. I was 10 I reckon.

And the last?
Groovin the Moo last week, The Wombats gave me some free tickets.

If you’re on death row, what’s your last meal and (more importantly!) drink?
3 Courses:
Krug Champagne - Sydney Rock Oysters
Trumer Pilsner - Beef Tartare
White Burgundy - Mum’s Roast Chicken
Followed by a bottle of Jack Daniels so I forget that I am about to die.

Maybe Mae and Bread & Bone Wood Grill 
15 Peel St, Adelaide