NEWS: 33 Reasons Why Tinnies Rule

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NEWS: 33 Reasons Why Tinnies Rule

 If you didn’t already know, we freakin' love tinnies.

In 2014, we made the decision to start switching all our beers & cider from stubbies to tinnies. One huge step for our brewery & an even bigger step for Mother Nature, the ultimate zen babe.

Apart from the obvious - tinnies are a far superior and more recyclable drinking vessel - there are stacks of other ingenious reasons why you should love the tin you're in.

Behold, our Top 33 Reasons Why Tinnies Rule:

1. Tinnies get colder quicker than bottles.

2. Tinnies don't let in light or air... both of which are like kryptonite to beer.

3. Recycling value is nearly 100%, making tinnies a more sustainable option.

4. The vessel is cheaper allowing good companies to do decent pricing for quality frothies.

5. There is more beer in a can than in a stubby.

6. A stubby has weird shoulders which may or may not lead to posture problems in the future.

7. An empty tinnie can be used to block a leak in an exhaust pipe.

8. You can crush your cans down when you are enjoying them outdoors and carry them home to your recycling bin in a more compact fashion.

9. You don't need a bottle opener/lighter/water bottle/your already fucked up teeth to open tinnies.

10. If you're drinking a tinnie and your beer-loving, outspoken friend "only drinks stubbies" then you know that you are smarter and more in touch than said friend, giving you that smug sense of superiority you've been looking for.

11. Thumbing stubbies loses thumbs, thumbing tinnies makes you cool.

12. No one has ever been killed by a tinnie in a bar fight.

13. No glass around pools.... tinnies!

14. WHO told you you can't make beautiful sculptures out of tinnies? Some filthy bottle-sympathiser / nature-hater, no doubt.

15. When your pooch’s tail knocks your tinnie off the coffee table, at least you won’t have to clean up broken glass.

16. You're a hero amongst mates when you gracefully carry tinnies back from the bar for all to enjoy. 

17. Look, your mates are drongos, should they really be trusted with glass in your backyard?

18. Donald Trump drinks stubbies.

19. An empty tinnie makes for bigger and better hair. Just ask Gaga.

20. You can comfortably fit at least 2 x 6-packs of tinnies in your everyday Young Henrys tote.

21. You can easily stack tinnies into your boot with zero clinking noise whilst driving to BBQ, beach or respective choice of good-times venue.

22. You can’t convert a try with a stubby, a tinnie however, is the perfect vessel.

23. They're called "Tin Can Phones" not "Glass Bottle Nunchucks". Get an education.

24. There is no fear of smashing your tinnie whilst cheersing your mate with your super strong arms.

25. Tinnies are lighter to carry home, and again, less noisy.

26. You can fit more tinnies in an esky.  

27. A slab of tinnies makes for the perfect seat.

28. You could make a mini-Fred Flintstone car with tinnies as your front and rear wheels.

29. You can't play spin the bottle and end up having to kiss your cousin with a tinnie.

30. You sure as hell can't make these with a stubby and your semi-sharpened thumbnail... CAN you...?

31. It's much safer on your stinky, hippy, bare feet in your scummy bric-a-brac garden courtyard when your wind chimes are made out of tinnies.

32. Tinnie is more fun to say the bottle.

33. And finally... not quite tinnies but bloody hell... tell me these guys don't make the most fabulous, spicy boy band you've ever seen. 

Whether it's Stayer, Natural Lager, Newtowner, Summer Hop Ale or Cloudy Cider, we got covered, our tinnies are available 1300 bottle-shops nationwide. So join us & get yourself a one-way ticket to Tinnieville, it's a party out here.

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  • Deborah

    Hey guys,
    Just catching up on my emails from YH at lunchtime (at work) loving the spiel about reasons why for Tinnies. I just had a great laugh which lightens my day :) Also I have been converting some colleagues to YH
    Thanks Young Henrys luv you guys xxx Say Hi to Big Dog for me

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