Paint, Glitter and Chihuahuas: Welcome to the World of Ginger Taylor.

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Paint, Glitter and Chihuahuas: Welcome to the World of Ginger Taylor.

If you’ve been down to the brewery recently you might have seen a mural declaring ‘Beer is a girl’s drink’. That’s Ginger Taylor’s work, flying a very welcome flag for the female of the beer drinking species (we're out there!). Or you might have seen her winning t-shirt design on the backs of Newtown Locals, celebrating marriage equality for the 2016 Newtown Festival. Or chances are you’ve unwittingly used some of her sign writing work to help you with very important life stuff like ordering your schnitty at the pub, or finding the way to the ATM at one of your favourite venues. 

Sign-writing may be the wallflower of the art world but on the 18th January Ginger’s work is taking the spotlight, on the walls of 212 Blu, with her first solo exhibition. We chatted to Ginger ahead of her show...

Hey Ginger! You’ve got a show coming up? What’s it gonna be like?
Transparent and Shiny! Everything in the exhibition is hand painted backwards on glass - which is just as time consuming and difficult as it sounds. Some of the pieces I have used a traditional gold leafing technique so that's where the shiny part comes in.

Describe your style…
I guess it would be a mixture of traditional sign-writing with a hint of bad-assery and glitter.

Are you self-taught?
Yes I am, however I am saving up this year to send myself to sign-writing school because I would like to learn the proper traditional techniques.

Hand-painted sign-writing’s seen a bit of a renaissance recently. Where do you think this comes from?
I'm not sure why it's made such a big come back in the past few years but I sure am glad it did! I get into a deep lurk-hole online looking at other sing-writers' techniques from around the world - it inspires me to keep going and get better. 

Sign-writing is a bit of an “invisible” art. Does it feel different when you’re creating works for an exhibition, to be viewed in their own right?
I think it's very different making pieces for an exhibition in comparison to sign-writing. Most of the pieces in my exhibition have nothing to do with text/font or sign-writing so it's been amazing just painting whatever comes to my mind instead of what people ask to have written on their walls.

What’s your daily routine? Are you pretty organised or are you a procrastinator/leave things to the last minuter? 
Step 1 - Coffee & Vegemite on toast
Step 2 - Set up "desk" because I don't have a studio and I have to work on my dining room table (siiiigh)
Step 3 - Potter around the house watering my plants, clean things that don't need cleaning, go on Instagram and look at chihuahuas for hours on end until I have wasted 3-4 hours of my day doing everything BUT painting. 

So yes, in a short answer… I am a big last minuter.

What do you listen to while you work?
OHHH I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED! I am the worlds biggest fan of a podcast called "My Favorite Murder". I am obsessed. I know that sounds creepy but if you're a fellow murderino then you understand. Also if I find myself procrastinating too hard I will play Beyonce (Specifically the song 'Daddy Lessons') and dance around the house until I'm motivated.

If you could only see in shades of one colour for the rest of your life…what colour would it be?
Is Glitter a shade?

Night or Day?
Day. I like night but that's when the bugs come out which is a big no from me.

Summer or Winter?
100% Summer. Zooper Doopers, beer, kiddypool in the backyard, beer, water pistols, beer, colddrip coffee, getting my tata's out at the beach, eating a whole watermelon, beer, dogs in the dog park, beer. Gimmie it all. If I could have summer all year round I would.

Beer or Cider? ;)
I'm a full time beer gal EXCEPT for when I'm at Young Henrys where I will always have a cloudy apple cider (that's not me even sucking up, it's the honest truth). 

See Ginger’s exhibition at 212Blu, 212 Australia St Newtown. 
Opens Wed 18 Jan, 6pm.
Check out Ginger's sign-writing work on Instagram.

Images by Carole-Anne Brugere