NEWS: We're heading to Download Festival '19!

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NEWS: We're heading to Download Festival '19!

Have you heard?? We’re the official (and exclusive) beer partner of this year’s Download Festival. Hosting one of the biggest line-ups to hit Aussie shores since choosing our high school electives - with Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, Alice In Chains, Judias Priest and Pennywise (just to name a few) - it’s safe to say, we’re a tad excited about this one.

Now a party wouldn’t be a party without your mates, which is why we’re stoked to be joined by Jake and Kenny from Mary’s who’ve curated another monster line-up for the festival’s infamous Hell’s Kitchen. Featuring triple-threat chef headliners Pauley Carmichael (Momofuku Seiobo), Enrico Tomellier (Fratelli Paradisio & 10 William St) and Ali Currey (Agrarian Kitchen) in Sydney. Meanwhile in Melbourne, award-winning chefs Aaron Turner (IGNI), Jo Barrett (Oakridge Winery) and Phil Wood (Pt. Leo Estate) will be leading the tucker duties.  

"This is one of the greatest old school line ups of metal ever to grace our shores”, said Jake. “Ozzy, Slayer, Judas Priest - alongside some of our newer favs - Behemoth, High Tension and our beloved fellow Newtowners - Frenzal Rhomb. We want to sell a fuck-tonne of tasty burgers to a bunch of happy heavy metal fans, while getting suitably wasted and banging our empty heads to Ozzy and friends!”

You can snag a ticket to Download Festival '19 here - see you there for a Stayer with Slayer!

Download Festival '19:

Eat: A Mary's burger with bacon or whatever Caribbean creations Pauley Carmichael is cooking up.

Drink: Stayer - all day, every day.

See: Slayer (last Aus show), homegrown legends Polaris and Luca Brasi and of course the man himself, Ozzy Osbourne

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