RECAP: DZ Deathrays + Polish Club + VOIID + The Buoys - Live Review

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RECAP: DZ Deathrays + Polish Club + VOIID + The Buoys - Live Review

Whosever idea it was to put four of Australia's best emerging bands together on the same bill, needs a god damn medal. DZ, we're looking at you!

Kicking off earlier this month, DZ Deathrays were taking no prisoners on their Positive Rising Part 1 Album tour, inviting Polish Club, VOIID & The Buoys to join them on sweaty rock shows across the East Coast. 

We went down with our mates Yeah Rad to capture their Sydney show. 

No strangers to a DZ tour, Sydney sweethearts The Buoys were on opening support duties, warming the crowd with their surfer / garage rock sound. Don't be fooled by their love songs, The Buoys are equally as cute as they're loud, lead guitarist Hilary charging in guitar solos whenever the chance arose, while lead singer Zoe screamed into the mic letting the crowd know exactly who's boss. 

Brisbane's VOIID took the stage next, their wonderful I-don't-give-a-f*** attitude, 90s-inspired rock had the crowd in awe, wondering where the hell these chicks came from. Having played countless shows this past year, VOIID are officially worth travelling for, a band doing pop-punk in a no-bullshit sort of way. 

Next up was Polish Club, the now trio playing to a packed out, high-energy crowd waiting for the band to deliver their usual rock show. And boy, did they deliver. Novak's unmissable vocals sent drummer John Henry into overdrive, not to mention the epic light show and variety of music this Sydney favourite are churning out. If your spirits weren't high AF after their set, I've got nothing for you...

Then onto the main course of the evening. The delightful DZ Deathrays, who after sending out three RED HOT bands, strutted out onto the stage dressed in their finest suits and rocked out with force. Playing tracks from their epic, 9-track Positive Rising Part 1 album, DZ provided an all-consuming, totally epic rock show proving their place as one of the country's finest rock 'n' roll bands. 

All imagery courtesy of Yeah Rad

Positive Rising Part 1 tour continues this week in Adelaide before heading to Brisbane for a hometown show & ending in Perth. Tickets still available HERE

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