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Pete Cullen is driving up the coast. He should be listening to the mixes the sound engineer has sent him of his new albums but he left the cord for the car stereo at home. Instead he’s listening to the insistent high-pitched whistling of his roof rack. And, let me assure you, the output of Pete Cullen’s whistling roof rack is prolific.

Pete Cullen’s own output is about to be fairly enthusiastic as well. He’s simultaneously set to release a new record under his own name, “an alt-country, southern rock kind of album” and the other for his old time rock n' roll/rockabilly side project, P.C. and the Biffs. His mates at Lefty’s (where he plays on the regular) describe, “He's like a piece of old furniture around here at Lefty's Old Time Music Hall, like a mouldy old chair that you can't bring yourself to throw out, but damn Pete Cullen has got some tunes.” Damn, if we don’t agree!

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Some tourists come to Australia and pick up a couple of souvenirs - maybe a cuddly toy koala or a hat with corks on it, or a coat hanger in the shape of the Harbour Bridge. Scottish lass Gillian Letham arrived down under in 2003 and ended up picking up a couple of bars in Brissie, and just never left. We chat to her about The Mill on Constance and the Oxford Taphouse and how having a foreign accent makes you 25% more interesting…

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Had a beer in Brisbane lately? It’s going off like a cane toad in a sock. Rattle off a list of the game-changers and chances are you’re name-checking one of the venues Jamie Webb has a hand inLefty’s Old Time Music Hall, Sonny’s House of Blues, Seymour’s Cocktails & Oysters, Hope & Anchor—in terms of venue styles, he’s almost gathered the full set. 

Webb cut his hospo chops in NYC, working in bars on the weekend to round out a nine-to-five in the music business. After coming back to Australia, he ran venues in Sydney but took a hit from the GFC, and landed back in hometown Brisbane. Thank the gods of Brissie nightlife he did...

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