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If you’ve been hanging around Sydney's Inner West you may have heard of the Sausage Queen. That’s Chrissy Flanagan, a full-blown sausage obsessive. She's the type of lady who should be the lead in a foodie foreign film called 'Like Water for Sausages' or perhaps simply 'Femme de Saucisse'. 

A former vegetarian, she's now on a one woman mission to change the stigma around snags as a ‘guilty pleasure’ by making them out of proper meat and quality ingredients. She’s now set up shop in Dulwich Hill, unveiling her ’Sausage Factory’ to the hungry hordes. Her dedication even extends to hand-knitting smallgoods to adorn her shop window. 

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Pine mushroom tart

Back before the streets of Newtown were paved with burgers and fancy gelato, there was Bloodwood. Eight years ago, they were the first swell of what would be a wave of exciting new places to eat and drink in the area. As chef and co-owner Claire van Vuuren describes, “The area has changed from a place where a great community of people lived but often went elsewhere to eat and drink and party…Now diners from all over Sydney come here and we a have thriving community of locals who live, work and eat (and drink!) here. We all support one another and places like bloodwood have grown as part of and with the other venues in the area.”

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Newtown, Real Ale, Recipe -

Back in 2014 Rising Sun popped up in the back streets of Newtown, pairing piping hot bowls of ramen with a motorcycle workshop, filling that uniquely ramen-and-bike-shaped hole in our lives we didn’t even know we had. In 2016 the sun rose again, now in their permanent home in the old Mitre 10 just behind King Street. And the good people of Sydney have rewarded all their hard work by SMAC’ing them with the title of Best Eats in FBi Radio’s 2016 Sydney Music Art & Culture awards

We couldn’t be happier for them—nicest guys in the business! Admittedly, a motorbike workshop serving ramen is a niche field, but these guys are definitely the nicest in it. We wanted to say congratulations, and what better way then by asking Nick from Rising Sun to give away the secrets to their successful business. Or at least, one of them—this recipe for delicious beery pippies...

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