TASTE: The Stinking Bishops explain what the hell is Raclette?

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TASTE: The Stinking Bishops explain what the hell is Raclette?

Sweet dreams are indeed made of cheese. And as of Friday 15th September our good pals at The Stinking Bishops will be making those sweet dreams come true every Friday, when they bring a big ol’ wheel of Raclette cheese to the brewery and heat things up a bit. Think of it like the thinking (wo)man’s fondue party. They’ll also be doing a couple of their delicious toasties. But first, what the hell is Raclette? Garth from TSB explains...

What is Raclette and what can we stick in it?
Raclette is a semi-hard cheese that has been around for hundreds of years, recorded as early as 1291 in a Swiss-German Convent. It was first typically eaten by shepherds herding their animals to new pastures. Carrying a wheel of Raclette that could be melted by the campfire and served simply on bread was common practice. Depending on which country you are served Raclette in, you will be presented with a different set of accompaniments. We are following the Swiss approach, which pairs the melted Raclette with cured meat (prosciutto in our case), boiled potatoes, pickles and mustard. To ensure that patrons have one hand free for a cold Young Henrys beer we have decided to ditch the plate for a fresh Brickfields bread roll instead.

Which Raclette do you use?
We will be using Heidi Farm's award winning Raclette. Such a specific focus on Swiss hard and semi-hard cheese styles has Heidi Farm pour all of their love into just three varieties of cheese, allowing them to excel in a market dominated with inferior mass produced "factory" cheese. The Stinking Bishops has stocked Heidi Farm's cheeses since we first opened our doors over three years ago.

Tell us about your Raclette melting method!
Raclette can be served a few different ways. We are using two gas powered "Raclette Melters" we had imported over from Switzerland. They are designed to hold half and quarter wheels of cheese, which you scrape the melted cheese directly off. 

Is a Raclette party like a fondue party?
Raclette is just as good as any Fondue Party. 

My first experience with Raclette was in Brisbane with my Brothers Girlfriend's family. They are originally from Germany where Raclette is a big deal and most families will have a Raclette machine tucked away for the colder months. I remember we sat outside in the garden on a chilly Sunday morning with the spring sunshine and glass of wine keeping us warm. I just loved how simple it was! Cheese, cured meat, potatoes, pickles and bread are foods that have been with humanity for hundreds of years for good reason. I will never forget that magical morning munching on melted cheese with friends and family.

Any etiquette we need to know about?
We are serving our Raclette on Brickfields bread rolls. No knives. No Forks. No worries!

Will you guys be serving anything else?
Both our Smoked Wagyu and Mushroom 'Mr Crispy' toasted sambos will also be making an appearance.

What times can people get this cheesy goodness at Young Henrys?
We will be firing up the Raclette Machine from Friday the 15th of September starting at 3pm until sold out!

Which beer do you think would drink best with it?
Typically, bright and fruity would work best. Something to cut through the richness of all that cheese!

The Stinking Bishops will be at Young Henrys serving Raclette & toasted sandwiches every Friday from 15th September from 3pm.

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