TASTE: Chrissy's Beer Mustard

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TASTE: Chrissy's Beer Mustard

Photo by Sarah-Jane Edis

If you’ve been hanging around Sydney's Inner West you may have heard of the Sausage Queen. That’s Chrissy Flanagan, a full-blown sausage obsessive. She's the type of lady who should be the lead in a foodie foreign film called 'Like Water for Sausages' or perhaps simply 'Femme de Saucisse'. 

A former vegetarian, she's now on a one woman mission to change the stigma around snags as a ‘guilty pleasure’ by making them out of proper meat and quality ingredients. She’s now set up shop in Dulwich Hill, unveiling her ’Sausage Factory’ to the hungry hordes. Her dedication even extends to hand-knitting smallgoods to adorn her shop window. 

The Sausage Factory Dulwich Hill
Photo by Sarah-Jane Edis

Now, sausages love beer and sausages also love mustard...hello beer mustard! 
When Chrissy served her bangers at the brewery she did a bang-up job of making a mustard with our Newtowner. To celebrate the opening of the Sausage Factory, and our Winter Hop Ale, we asked her to give us her mustard recipe. She was keen as…you know what. Just add sausages!


200g yellow mustard seeds
200g black mustard seeds
Winter Hop Ale for soaking (lots)
1.5 teaspoons salt
150 ml good quality runny honey
150ml good quality cider vinegar

Soak 200g each of black and yellow mustard seeds in a stainless steel bowl overnight in Winter Hop Ale. You want the seeds to be covered by beer so ensure there are 3-5 cm of beer on top of the seeds.

The next day, drain the seeds, reserving the soaking liquid.

Blitz half the seeds in a food processor until they start to break down. Don’t overblitz them or they will start to become foamy. You should have a smashed, slightly creamy consistency.

Add the remaining unblitzed seeds and a couple of spoonfuls of soaking liquid.

Add 1.5 teaspoons of salt, 150 ml of cider vinegar and 150ml of honey. Adjust with cider and honey until you have the desired sweetness/acidity balance.

Add chopped tarragon to the finished mustard if desired and serve.

 Sausages at The Sausage Factory
 Photo by Sarah-Jane Edis

The Sausage Factory
380 New Canterbury Rd
Dulwich Hill 

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